Mr. Terrific Bringing T-Spheres To “Arrow”

Mr-TerrificOne of the best things about the DC TV Universe has been the introduction of new comic book characters and super heroes. Characters such as Black Canary on Arrow, or Firestorm on The Flash generate all sorts of buzz and excitement with fans, and whenever a simple name is dropped, like Wally West, fans begin to wonder. Will this character just be a person in name, or is there a greater destiny that is yet to be realized?

That is what fans are asking now regarding Echo Kellum, who recently joined the cast of Arrow this season, working as a new employee at Palmer Tech. Since this tech expert was given the last name of Holt it generated a lot of speculation among fans as to whether this was simply a little minor easter egg, or if this character was to become Mr. Terrific. In an interview with Kellum, he told‘s Jim Viscardi that as soon as he knew the character he’d be playing, he was excited about the possibilities.

“Oh man, when they teased them in the trailer, the first thing I thought was, “Yes! T-Spheres!” Kellum said with a laugh. In last week’s episode, Holt was tasked with coming up with a major innovation to increase Palmer Tech’s profits, and save a bunch of jobs, and that sent our minds right to the T-Spheres.

“Those T-Spheres are so damn cool,” Kellum teased. “Especially everything they do! You can fly with them, they help him with his inventions, and all stuff like that. It’s just also exciting just to even see those even teased about. I can not wait for them to show up.” He did flat-out tell us that they’re real, and he’s seen them already on-set. “I’m so nerdy, that when I went back to set I took so many pictures of the T-Spheres, I was like ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe this is actually happening.’”

Of course, Holt isn’t just T-Spheres, and he won’t be on Arrow, either. Kellum teased that he’ll be making “other gadgets, too” for use by Team Arrow, drawing a comparison to the various Q characters in the James Bond franchise.

“I would definitely say early on that’s definitely an accurate description of him,” Kellum told us. “Because he is really just bringing his skill to the forefront trying to decipher different things and break different codes or build certain things for the team to use and stuff. So he definitely is that kind of ‘Q’ type of character.”

Now we just need to see a jacket with “Fairplay” on it.

So do you like the addition of Echo Kellum, or is the series becoming too crowded and is taking the focus away from its titular character? Let us know in the comments below!







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