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Here at TG Geeks we have been talking for some time now about the independent film, Conditioning, from Philip Pugh and Joseph Capella. They are in the Home Stretch of their Indiegogo campaign and we wanted to give them a last little push on our various outlets. Please retweet, share, visit, and more importantly, donate something to the campaign.

You can be a part of an Independent Horror Short Film with a message for as little as $1 (may be slightly more as the campaign is British Pounds). They have some great perks for your donation.

By the way, we have contributed to this film and are very much looking forward to seeing the finished product. We have been in touch with Phil and Joe and they tell us that they expect the principle photography to wrap today (probably already has as of this writing in the UK). I know that Phil and Joe would very much appreciate it if you would take a moment and visit their campaign website and consider making a donation.

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Below is the link to the Indiegogo Campaign

Click to go to the Indiegogo Campaign
Click to go to the Indiegogo Campaign

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