“And Then There None…” @PowerRangersMovie Now Has A Yellow Ranger!


Becky-G-(Rebecca-Marie-Gomez)---CW-Networks-2013-Young-Hollywood-Awards-05-560x799Fans of The Power Rangers have been holding their collective breath while waiting for word to come down as to who was to play the fifth and final Power Ranger in the upcoming Lionsgate reboot of the popular children’s TV series Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. Well you can all take a deep breath now!

Here is the announcement as it appeared on Instagram:

Becky hasn’t done much in the area of live film or television between work on family friendly animated features where she provided voice-over work for such movies as Hotel Transylvania and The Smurfs, in addition to doing soundtrack work. She has, however, appeared in the TV series Empire as the feisty girl group lead and scene-stealer Valentina Galindo.

Now contrary to earlier reports that this would be a fresh reboot with totally different characters, it had been officially tweeted they would be playing the original characters from the beloved TV series.

So here is how the casting of the Power Rangers movie stacks up:

Jason aka Red Ranger – Dacre Montgomery
Kimberly aka Pink Ranger – Naomi Scott
Billy aka Blue Ranger – RJ Cyler
Zack aka Black Ranger – Ludi Lin
Trini aka Yellow Ranger – Becky Gomez

The movie will be directed by Dean Israelite, and is reported to be “mature, but still playful.” You can check out an interview with Dean over at IGN.

So how do you feel about this Power Rangers reboot? Do you like the cast? Do you like Power Rangers in general, or do you wish they would return to some of the darker tones that came from some of the older Sentai series from Japan?

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