Nicole Kidman To Become Part Of DC Universe With A Role in Wonder Woman

Nicole KidmanMany times when a specific genre type movie hires a big-named actor or actress, it gives the movie a sense of legitimacy and credibility. Well that appears to be the case again as io9 earlier reported that Nicole Kidman has signed on to join the movie Wonder Woman.

The Wrap broke the news that the Oscar-winning actress is joining the DC Comics adaptation as “a high-ranking Amazonian warrior” who’ll stand beside Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. Patty Jenkins (Monster) is directing.

At this point in her career, Kidman is one of those actresses who can do almost any movie she wants. So her joining Wonder Woman speaks volumes not just for Jenkins’ vision, but Jason Fuchs’ script too. It also suggests her as-yet-unnamed character is a significant one. And though there are no official details on that, one good guess would be Wonder Woman’s mom, Queen Hippolyta.

Also worth mentioning is that Kidman is familiar with the world of DC, having played Chase Meridian, love interest to Bruce Wayne, in 1995’s Batman Forever. However, at that point in her career, she didn’t have quite the clout she does now.

Wonder Woman, which co-stars Chris Pine, opens June 23, 2017.

Does the casting of Nicole Kidman affect you one way or the other in terms of seeing this movie early, or are you now thoroughly turned off by her presence?

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