Ken Marino To Join Cast Of “Agent Carter”


Ken MarinoSo far Agent Carter has been all good news. With stories ranging from the relocation of where the stories will take place, to additional cast members, fans have never had a reason to fear disappointment. And now, thanks to io9, fans can continue to bask in the awesomeness that is Agent Carter.

Variety reports that Marino is playing Joseph Manfredi, described by them as a “volatile leader in the Maggia crime syndicate.” In the comics, Joseph Manfredi has the power to control bats. I’m betting if that actually makes it into the show somehow, it’ll be in a subtle way.

The Maggia are clearly going to be a big deal in season two of Agent Carter. They’ve already cast Wynn Everett as Madame Masque and Currie Graham as her husband. I’m betting that Marino’s comedy chops are going to come in the form of adding an unsettling edge to a villain.

If you don’t know what the Maggia are in the Marvelverse, here’s Wikipedia’s excellent description:

The Maggia is a fictional international crime syndicate that has appeared in various comic book series published by Marvel Comics. The organization exists in Marvel’s main shared universe, known as the Marvel Universe. Its structure is somewhat similar to the Mafia (which is itself almost never referred to in Marvel stories), but the Maggia differs in that it frequently hires supervillains and mad scientists to workfor them.

This is true. The Mafia only sometimes hires supervillains and mad scientists.

As for Marino, while he’s primarily a comedic actor, his good looks have landed him the occasional “straight” role, and has been in TV shows such as The State (1993 – 1995), Nash BridgesDawson’s Creek (2001 – 2002), and Marry Me (2012 – 2015).

So how do yo feel about Ken Marino joining the show? Do you think he’ll add just the right of chemistry to this already amazing show?

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