“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Novel Delayed To Avoid Spoilers

Star-Wars-Force-Awakens-Logo-700x362Spoilers. We love them, but we hate them at the same time. Part of us wants to know little bits of story items, but at the same time we loathe whenever a big element or surprise to a story is revealed to us. Do you know who else hates spoilers? Disney! In a report from Slash Film it seems that Disney is going out of their way to make sure that nobody knows any story details. First Disney opted on holding back the soundtrack until December 18th, and now it seems that the novelization for The Force Awakens is also being held back from actual physical publication until sometime in January in an attempt to prevent people fro learning any top secret story elements from the movie. And yet, why will there be an e-book version of the movie available on December 18th?

The Wall Street Journal has word that only the physical publication of books is being held back because it’s not as easy to control the release of pages that need to be printed and shipped in advance of the release date. And for those who kept track of the release of The Force Awakens merchandise for Force Friday, you know that keeping those kind of things under wraps can be a challenge.

The digital version of the book is much easier to keep a secret, which is why that release date isn’t being pushed back. David Moench of Del Rey publishing says, “We would love to release both formats of the novelization simultaneously and not miss the holidays, but we recognize the importance of protecting the story for the fans.” Fans who want the physical copy of the book will have to wait three weeks until it arrives on January 5th, 2016.

This is quite the departure from the usual release strategy for books like this, especially regarding Star Wars. For example, the novelization of the last theatrically released Star Wars movie, Revenge of the Sith, was available in stores a whole six weeks before the movie was out. But things are much different this time, with nearly everything about the movie shrouded in secrecy.

As it stands I’m okay with Disney holding off on the release of the novelization. I owned a novelization of The Empire Strikes Back and had read the entire book prior to seeing the movie, so little spoilers such as the parentage of Luke Skywalker did not come as a surprise to me in the slightest (although I did very much enjoy hearing the gasps in the theater when that little secret was finally revealed), and yet I would prefer to actually read the novelization later and let any additional story details fill in any gaps that might exist in the overall story narrative.

Only 44 more days until Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters next month. So, will you be seeing the movie? Do you like to buy the books of the movies?

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