Our friends at Etched Motion Productions have released the trailer for Season 2 of Beyond the Impact (BTi) with all new original music composed just for the production.

Jeff Patton and crew have been hard at work in pre-production and some initial filming of Season 2. The Two Gay Geeks are very much looking forward to seeing the finished product.

You can search our archives for the several interviews and articles we have done on Beyond the Impact.

Etched Motions new website is soon to go online. Once it does we will update this article, so please check back.

Have a look at the trailer via the vimeo link below.

From the press release:

Etched Motion Production Presents, BTi Theatrical Trailer with music composed by Stephan Willing for the original score and clips from season 1 and upcoming season 2 due for release Summer 2016.

The Trailer is also being shown at San Diego Fashion Valley AMC and Edwards Theater Mira Mesa on all screens as well as Los Angeles theaters Glendale and Century City AMC.



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