Neill Blomkamp To Write & Direct A “Time Travel Procedural”


Neill BlomkampIn a story from Deadline, 20th Century Fox has purchased the rights to The Gone World by Thomas Sweterlitsch, and given the recent announcement of the postponement of Alien 5 the studio is possibly looking to Neill Blomkamp to write and adapt the script and even possibly direct it.

Not much is known about the story as the book isn’t published yet, but Sweterlitsch’s previous novel, Tomorrow And Tomorrow, has already been bought by TriStar. What is known about The Gone World is that it is being described as a “sci-fi time travel procedural.”

Blomkamp was a huge breakout writer/director with District 9 back in 2009, and he followed those up with Elysium and Chappie, so some industry insiders are saying that this new project would certainly “fall within his wheelhouse.”

So does this interest you, or do you feel that Blomkamp hasn’t been able to live up to the success of District 9?

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