Michelle ‘Missy’ Gomez To Join The Cast Of “Gotham”


Michelle Gomez 2The Two Gay Geeks have just learned that Scottish actress Michelle Gomez, most famously (or infamously) known as Missy aka The Master on Doctor Who, has been hired from across the pond to appear in the US television show Gotham.

Not much is known about who she will be playing except that she will be seen as a new character called The Lady in the November 16th episode “A Bitter Pill to Swallow.” Of course the Doctor Who connection doesn’t end there as she will be starring alongside Sean Pertwee (young Bruce Wayne’s butler Alfred), whose father, Jon Pertwee, played the famous Time Lord. Also, given the fact that this entire season is called “Rise Of The Villains” it’s a safe bet that The Lady will not be a very nice person. There is very little doubt that her performances in Doctor Who are what helped to secure this new role.

Gomez took to Twitter to show her fans how she will be appearing in the Fox series.

Speaking to The U.K.’s Metro at the Doctor Who Festival about her upcoming filming commitments she revealed, ‘I’m doing Gotham at the moment for FOX.’ So we can expect to see more than just one appearance from the Scottish actress.

So what are your thoughts? Do you think Michelle Gomez will make a nice fit to Gotham? Do you hope that this might see her possibly stop playing the role of Missy on Doctor Who?

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