And Now For Something Completely Different… An Epic Lightsaber Duel!

phantommenace-lightsaberduel-700x369Every so often something comes along that must be shared. This isn’t some interesting or breaking news story. No, it’s just an amazing video of a lightsaber duel.

In one corner, we have our Jedi yielding the double-bladed green/blue lightsaber, and in the other corner is our Sith with the single-blade red lightsaber.

Truth be told, this was actually taken from a Fencing Senior World Championship in Moscow this year, and given the world-wide excitement for Star Wars: The Force Awakens it only seemed natural for an exhibition of “lightsaber technique” to be a part of the show. What makes this amazing is the sheer brilliance of skill both of these individuals possess, and the choreography is nothing short of excellent.

The person who posted this video, for that “special touch”, added the score of John Williams as well as all of the natural lightsaber noises we’re accustomed to. However if you wish to view the original as it was being recorded it can be viewed here. Keep in mind that there was a DJ playing the music of Maroon 5, which sadly sort of kills the mood.

So does this help to raise your level of excitement in seeing the new Star Wars movie? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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