Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest Announces a Movie Screening

Fanfest 15Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest has announced that there will be a screening of the movie, I am Alone, starring Gareth David-Lloyd. Gareth had previously been announced as a guest at this years Fan Fest. This is an interesting development since we (The Two Gay Geeks) had just asked the Comicon staff about possible film fest activity at Fan Fest. An interesting bit of trivia about Gareth is that he fronts for a Progressive Metal Band called Blue Gillespie. And by the way, guys and gals, Gareth is married.

Gareth D-L

The Two Gay Geeks have learned that the films creators will be on hand to participate also. We do not know at this point what “to participate” means…. maybe a Q&A, or surveys, or who knows. This film has not yet been released. Although, it has been screened at a couple of Film Festivals recently, Fright Night Film Festival and RIP Horror Film Festival.
The screening will take place in the AZSTA Grand Ballroom at 4:30 on Friday December 4th. Following the screening will be a panel featuring Gareth David-Lloyd and we presume the creators.

The IMDB synopsis is as follows:
An unknown virus begins to spread infecting the local population almost instantly, but footage found by the CDC of one man’s survival may just help them find a cure.

I am Alone poster

As we know more information surrounding the screening, we will keep you posted.

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