DC Planning “MASSIVE” Universe According to Ben Affleck

ben-affleck-batmanNot to be outdone by Marvel (as it prepares to enter into “Phase Three” with the combination of movies and TV shows, staring with Captain America: Civil War), DC is cranking away in their movie division with their own pantheon of super heroes, having already made a huge impression with Man Of Steel, and now with the upcoming and much-anticipated Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice (which arrives March 25, 2016), ComingSoon.net is reporting that Ben Affleck is promising that what DC is planning is most definitely going to live up to the hype!

Ben Affleck is quoted as saying:

They are now developing… probably the single greatest under-exploited IP asset in the entertainment business, the DC comic world, and now they have started to exploit that and you are going to see that blossom. And, when it does, it’s going to be massive.

Affleck is one of the key players when it comes to the future of the big screen DC Universe. Not only will he play the Dark Knight himself in next year’s superhero showdown, the two-time Academy Award winner is all but confirmed to reprise the role in both the two-part Justice League and in a solo Batman film that Affleck is likely to direct and co-write with Geoff Johns. In his discussion with the trade, however, Affleck is quick to point out that much of the credit for the studio’s DC Universe plans lie with Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara.

I was really impressed by that and by the intelligence of his notes,” says Affleck, “and the fact that he cared… He was willing to take longer to make the movie to get it right to make it a movie of higher quality.

The current lineup for the big screen DC Universe has David Ayer’s Suicide Squad following Batman v Superman on August 5, 2016. Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman will then arrive June 23, 2017, followed by Justice League: Part One on November 10, 2017. 2018 will bring The Flash on March 23 and Aquaman on July 27. 2019 has both Shazam tentatively set for April 5, 2019 and Justice League: Part Two for June 14. 2020’s DC Universe additions include Cyborg on April 3 and Green Lantern Corps on June 19.

Of course, we’re likely to hear about more than a few DC Universe surprises as buzz continues to circulate surrounding projects like Justice League Dark. The schedule itself is also probably going to a shift a bit in the months and years to come.

Are you happy with all of this universe building happening with the DC movie properties, or are they still making a tragic mistake by not including the television shows as well?

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