What A Difference A Few Hours Make Regarding “Legends…”

sac-600x503As reported earlier today, we TG Geeks are not fond of reporting on rumors. The details can be far too sketchy, and story specifics can change in a moments notice, and we here at TG2 Studios were easily reminded at how quickly things can change from one minute to the next. After earlier reporting on the rumors of Supergirl possibly crossing over to The Flash in May, as well as John Constantine becoming a regular in the 2nd season of DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow, our friends over at Bleeding Cool (where these rumors originally appeared) are now giving us a cold splash of rumor reality.

First off, for the crossover between Supergirl and The Flash to take place it appears that CBS must first sign off and grant the “back 9” episodes, which would flesh it out to a full 22 episode season. Given that CBS owns half of CW (with Warner Bros. owning the other half), it only makes sense for Supergirl to be given a full season run in order for the crossover to the CW to take place.

One possibility for the crossover could be taken from a Supergirl comic that saw the Bottle City of Kandor (which had been stolen and shrunk down by Brainiac) freed and placed on the planet New Krypton. The question, of course, is what kind of budget would be required in order to tell the story. While it may work for the big screen, trying to place that in a television format might be beyond what the accountants and bean counters would be willing to agree on. If anyone has any doubt about that, just look at the difference between visual effects when it comes to the aerial fighting on Man Of Steel as opposed to that on Supergirl.

The other problem is now regarding DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow. As originally reported, there was already discussion regarding a 2nd season of the series even before it’s had a chance to premiere on the CW, and that Constantine was to be a regular for the sophomore season. Now Bleeding Cool is reporting that CW is already looking at not renewing the series for a second go only because of the sheer cost in making the series. All anyone needs to do is watch the trailer below.

With all of this there is now the possibility we may never see a second season of Legends which seriously puts into jeopardy any possibility of seeing more Constantine on television.

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