Good News: “Supergirl” Gets Full Order! Bad News: No Crossover With “The Flash”

supergirl-flash-160898We here at TG2 Studios recently reported on the fate of the CBS series Supergirl, and whether or not it would receive a full order of episodes (also known as “back 9”). Well the word came down from those “on high” at CBS (as well as Slash Film) that the series has been picked up for a 20 season episode run.

While the ratings have dipped since its debut, the numbers have still held steadily enough to warrant keeping the series around for a whole season. As for the small ratings drop, industry experts say that it’s perfectly normal for shows to experience this, and while CBS had undoubtedly pinned their hopes that the series would consistently draw big numbers, the fact that they went ahead and gave the order for a “back 7” to be produced still shows that they have faith in the series given that it brings in an average of 11.24 million viewers, which is an increase of 46% from that same time slot last year.

That was the good news. Now for the bad news.

We had also reported on a hot rumor from Bleeding Cool that there was good chance of seeing Supergirl crossover to The Flash should the CBS series receive the back order of episodes. Sadly Greg Berlanti, who serves as the show-runner for both series, has nixed that idea for the immediate future.

“Only because we just received the pickup,” Berlanti told reporters when asked whether preliminary discussions for such a crossover had happened. “But not at this point.”

However the tone in Berlanoti’s response seems to suggest that there is a possibility it might still happen at some later date. All we can do is keep our fingers crossed as well as continue to watch these shows if we wish to see a crossover along with even more universe building.

So what are your thoughts about Supergirl? Are you happy that it received an order for the back 7, or do you feel that this series just doesn’t have what it takes to keep it going? What about the “now dashed” rumors regarding the Supergirl/The Flash crossover?

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