CBS “Supergirl” To Expand Into Digital Comics

CBS-bar-640While we’ve all pretty much resigned ourselves to the fact that there will be no Supergirl crossover into the the CW universe of Arrow and The Flash (affectionally referred to by fans as the “Flarrowverse”), reports that there does still appear to be some future for the Girl Of Steel outside of the confines of her CBS show, and apparently we can thank Amazon for that.

Discovered by Bleeding Cool, the listing does not reveal the series’ creative team, but does contain an overview of the comic.

SUPERGIRL: DIGITAL FIRST VOL. 1 ties directly into critically acclaimed Fall 2015 hit television show Supergirl, continuing storylines as they appear on the show.

Kara Zor-El landed on Earth after many years stuck in en route from her now-destroyed home planet Krypton, having followed in her famous cousin Superman’s footsteps. Upon arriving, she was taken in by the lovely Danvers family and taught to hide her un-Earthly powers from sight. As the world falls in love with her super hero cousin Superman, Kara starts to feel the urge to embrace her powers, especially when her powers can save someone she loves. 

But does National City want a Supergirl? Is the world ready for another super hero? And what other-worldly consequences arrive once Kara Danvers reveals her true self? Find out in the stories between the episodes in SUPERGIRL: DIGITAL-FIRST VOL. 1!”

No further information regarding this digital expansion is available at this time, but as soon as it is we will report it here!

Do you want to see this type of expansion for Supergirl, or would you rather see a more synergistic approach between CBS and the CW? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!!

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