Dr. Strange’s Powers And Magical Artifacts


doctorstrangeheaderExcitement for Doctor Strange is clearly ramping up because on the heels of the photos that were recently released, Marvel Studios head honcho, Kevin Feige, has come forward to discuss what probably most people are curious about with the new movie. What powers will we see in the new movie?

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Feige said:

“He can do a whole host of things, eventually. He does cast spells, which in the comics have very sort of tongue-twisty fun names. We don’t want to shy away from that, because that’s what makes Doctor Strange Doctor Strange. He has a Cloak of Levitation that allows him to fly, but he doesn’t fly like Superman or like Thor. It’s almost got a consciousness of its own, this cloak, which, again, gives us a superhero with a red cape — which we’ve seen a few times — but allows us to do it in a wholly unique and wholly original way. He can create these mandalas of light that he can use as shields and he can use as sort of weapons. He can create portalas that will open before your eyes that he can step through and go to other places around the world. And frankly, even in this film, we’ll only touch upon what a lot of his powers are.”

What marks this as interesting is the implication that Feige gives when he says, “He can do a whole host of things, eventually.” That along with “we’ll only touch upon what a lot of his powers are,” is a pretty encouraging suggestion that we may see more of Stephen Strange beyond the upcoming film, as well as possibly even beyond Avengers: Infinity War. Another hot topic that got many people excited was the jewel that was hanging around the good mystic mage’s neck. Long time comic book fans know that it is his Eye of Agamatto (Odin has the Orb of Agamatto in his Treasure Room as seen in the movie Thor), but a new theory has recently come forward.

Every movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been part of a long march towards Thanos’ big play in Avengers: Infinity War. That play involves collecting the six Infinity Stones that fit into his Infinity Gauntlet. Four of the six have appeared in films already, and now fans are speculating that they have seen the fifth stone, and now Feige may have just hinted at which one it might be.

“The Cloak of Levitation [and] the Eye of Agamotto are his two signature pieces. In this film, the Eye is a very important relic that can be quite dangerous if used in the wrong hands, because it has the ability to do any number of things, the most dangerous of which is, it can sort of manipulate probabilities. Which is also another way of saying, ‘screw around with time’ — which is part of our story.”

“Screw around with time” certainly sounds like a hint that the Eye of Agamotto is the Time Stone. The Eye even matches the orange color of the Stone’s comic book counterpart, the Time Gem.

While nothing is certain without confirmation, this seems like a pretty safe bet. Two of the Infinity Gems have already been retconned for the movies, (The Tesseract was actually a Cosmic Cube in the comics, and the Reality Stone in the comics was never fluid as portrayed by the Aether), so while the Eye was never one of the Infinity Gems in the comic book, there is a good chance it might end up as such for the Cinematic Universe.

So what is your take on all of this? Are you excited about Strange’s powers as explained by Kevin Feige? What do you think about the Eye? Is this too much too soon?

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