Rip Hunter Wants To “Change History” In New TV Spot for CW’s “Legends…” is reporting on a new preview released by the CW for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, titled “Change History.”

In the ad, Rip Hunter appeals to a group of Time Masters, asking for permission to raise up a team against Vandal Savage.

(We’re going to go ahead and assume it’s the same team that’s at the center of the series.)

You can check it out below.

Now the joy of what is to come with the upcoming Legends is that it allows the writers to give more than just casual nods to much in the DC comics universe. While fans were more interested in the exploits of this new team put together, the show runners might be looking as using Hunter as a means to visit, in varying degrees, many aspects and characters that have been part of the DC canon in some form or another.

DC'S LEGENDS OF TOMORROWNow click on the picture on the right. If you see what I see it appears that what we’re looking at on the left is a World War II army helmet worn by Sgt. Frank Rock of Easy Company.

In the comics, Sgt. Rock was to DC what Nick Fury was to Marvel for a while. Rock, created in the late ’50s, was one of a number of war heroes created for comics that had briefly rejected superheroes in the wake of Frederic Wertham’s 1954 book Seduction of the Innocent, which led to widespread changes in the comics marketplace.

Sgt. Rock, the head of an eclectic and brilliantly effective World War II unit called Easy Company, became the most popular character in Our Army At War, to the point where eventually the comic was simply retitled to Sgt. Rock. He appeared regularly in comics from his creation in 1959 until 1988, when his solo title was cancelled, and has appeared periodically since. Depending on whose version you choose, Rock died in combat, lived to old age, became a general, or had a role in the Suicide Squad.

When DC launched their ambitious New 52 publishing initiative in 2011, Rock’s grandson Joseph guest-starred in the short-lived Men of War.

Now there isn’t anything that we can see that specifically states that this helmet belonged to the famous army sergeant, but we have learned that Rip Hunter is a true historian (Wouldn’t all time travelers have to be?), and if this is indeed the helmet worn by Rock, what’s to say that Hunter might not take a trip to see this war hero, especially if Vandal Savage is there to corrupt history?

Does all of this make you even more excited for DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow now? What are your hopes for this series? What would you like to see happen?

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