Will Bruce Wayne Learn Who Killed His Parents? Tune In To “Gotham” To Find Out!

gotham-son-of-gotham-recap-160399Fox’s super hit series Gotham has certainly been living up to its promise with some of the heavier arc driven stories since it has returned for its second season. We were first given a very dark direction for the show’s lead character, Jim Gordon, by having him actually murder Theo Galavan, which is certainly complicating his life both professionally and personally.

Now ComicBook.com is reporting that young Master Bruce Wayne is going to have his own life rocked, according to show runner Bruno Heller.

“Bruce Wayne will finally find out who killed his parents!” Earlier in the season, Bruce came oh-so-close, after Galavan apparently had the data in question. The files were burned, though, so it’s unclear how he’ll find out now, nor what that will do to his overall mission of justice/vengeance.

Do you like the direction that Gotham has gone this season? Is it moving too slowly? Are they playing a little to loose and free with the generally accepted canon?

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