DC Comics “Powerless” To Go To NBC

dc-comics-social-f18b8NBC, showing that comic book themed TV shows are all the rage (despite the cancellation of fan favorite Constantine), has given the go ahead for a pilot and possible series on DC Comics comedy Powerless, as reported by ComicBook.com.

The show takes place firmly in the DC Universe, but don’t expect to see Superman and Batman fighting Doomsday out in the streets (that’s reserved for the big screen). Instead, the show, being developed by Ben Queen, is more like a cross between The Office and a superhero universe. It centers on an insurance company that specializes in insuring and fixing the wreckage in the aftermath of DC’s superpowered battles. Their titular status is also a focus – imagine actually being a regular joe in a world of superpowers – you’d probably feel a bit of envy, too.

NBC also ordered three other comedy pilots, one from Marlon Wayans, and two from alums of 30 Rock.

While the idea behind Powerless has yet to be done, Marvel is developing a similar series titled Damage Control about a construction company that cleans up the mess from the aftermath of superheroic battles, and it’s being developed for ABC.

So do you like the sound of this new series Powerless, or should NBC turn around and bring back Constantine given that Marvel is already developing their own similar series for television?

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