Daniel DiMaggio To Be Cast In “Supergirl” As Young Kal-El

supergirlkalel-166399While we have seen a blurry version of Superman in the CBS series Supergirl, it has been learned that fans will finally get a clear look at Kara’s famous cousin, Kal-El in the episode “For The Girl Who Has Everything.”

However don’t get your hopes up as things are not all as they seem, as ComicBook.com is reporting that Kara will be find herself in a dream world/fantasy where Krypton was never destroyed, therefore Kal-El was never sent to Earth, and we will see a teenaged version of Kal-El in the form of young actor Daniel DiMaggio (Tales of HalloweenBurn Notice). Since this will be a dream it would seem logical that young DiMaggio’s appearance is basically a one-off, but a source close to the show has said that the casting call listed the role as “potentially recurring.” How that might work is unknown at this time, but one possibility is that it might be flashbacks in the days of Smallville.

The show runners have said that this episode is largely taken from a Superman comic where Superman fell into a trance due to a parasite that was attached to him, which caused him to have dream that he was on Krypton as an adult.

“For The Girl Who Has Everything” episode of Supergirl airs Monday, Feb. 8 at 8PM on CBS.

Good idea casting someone to play a young Kal-El?

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