No “Avatar 2” for Christmas 2017

avatar2-jake-navi-screaming-700x341If you were looking forward to finally seeing the next movie in the Avatar franchise, and see two of the biggest franchises (Avatar and Star Wars) go head to head at Christmas time in 2017, then you’re likely to be disappointed because the much delayed sequel to the “still current” US box-office champ has just been delayed again.

In a story from The Wrap, 20th Century Fox declined to comment on the news despite the fact that other sources already had, and even James Cameron had stated that meeting the deadline was not as important as “the fact that when we get all three films done, we drop them a year apart.”

Despite this delay, pre-production has already begun on Avatar 2, which even includes the development of underwater motion capture technology. And as far as cast is concerned, Zoë Saldana and Sam Worthington have already signed to be in the sequel, with even a possibility of seeing the return of Sigourney Weaver’s character from the first movie.

James Cameron is no stranger to this type of situation. He’s known for being the ultimate perfectionist with every project he works on. His work on The Abyss sadly gave that movie a rather bad notoriety which overshadowed the film itself. As it stands with Avatar, that movie took five years to finally get to the big screen after having spent more than two years in post-production. Knowing this perhaps it isn’t a surprise that Avatar 2 is seeing repeated delays in terms of production and eventual release.

So how do you feel about this delay for Avatar 2? Do you think that by delaying the release James Cameron will be able to put out a film which grab moviegoers just like Avatar did, or does he run the risk of destroying the franchise for good?

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