“Independence Day: Resurgence” Moon Base In Alternate Universe

independence-day-resurgence-moon-base1-700x300If you’re a fan of speculative fiction, be it science fiction or fantasy or some other genre, you are familiar with the concept of alternate universes. That idea has been a staple in speculative fiction for a very long time, and the Independence Day films are no exception.

Don’t be too surprised by that last statement. All one has to do is look at the first film, Independence Day (or ID4) to see that from the very beginning the film takes place in an alternate universe. Not only was the movie made in 1996, but it was also took place in 1996. Bill Clinton was the President in our reality, not Thomas J. Whitmore, and unless there is some mass hypnotic program that no one is telling us about (which will add fuel to the fire for any conspiracy theorists out there), our Earth wasn’t nearly wiped out due to an alien invasion back then.

With that understanding we can now look to Independence Day: Resurgence and see what the year 2016 looks like in that alternate reality. Their 2016 is a far cry from our 2016. In some ways, it might be viewed as better. Humanity was able to come together in a way that some of us can only dream of today, and for those who wish for the human race to continue into the stars, we can see in the 2016 where David Levinson exists that it happened based on the presence of a permanent base on the moon.

Slash Film reports on some of the marketing that is going on with the movie, starting with a website that shows where some might say their timeline diverged from ours, as well as the sharing of some Twitter action showing a great image of when David Levinson cut the ribbon celebrating the new moon base back in 2009, as if the Tweeters were enjoying their own #ThrowBackThursday on Twitter.

While Independence Day was initially being regarded by fans as a “hard science fiction film” (whether it is or not is solely up to your own judgment), there seems to be more of “cheesy fun” attempt at the marketing this time. However, it’s all done in earnest, starting with the War Of 1996 website, to the prequel comic which will go over some of the history (including the tragic death of test pilot Steven Hiller from back in 2007, which was also tweeted), leading up to the release of this film.

You can see the trailer for this movie below.

While this may be viewed as cheesy marketing, it’s clear that it is being done with integrity as well.

Independence Day: Resurgence opens on June 24, 2016.

So how does this all look to you? Is the marketing too much right now given that we still have to wait until June for the movie, or is this a new level of genius that studios are only now beginning to explore? Should Roland & Emmerich not have bothered to even try for a sequel? Has too much time passed?

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