The Appointment Horror Short Available Online

TTG Geeks Webcast email sig copy smallhe Two Gay Geeks had the pleasure of seeing The Appointment at Horrible Imaginings Film Festival in San Diego last fall and fell in love with it.
The filmmaker, Pia Thrasher, has released it online for all to view for free.
Check it out on Vimeo at this link.

Here is our review:
The Two Gay Geeks saw this film during the Horror Comedy block of films at Horrible Imaginings Film Festival in San Diego. We immediately liked it.
One of the fun aspects of this movie is the use of misdirection. At first we see two people having a conversation, first somewhat stiff, then loosening up to one that relies on movie clichés. It is here that once we think we understand what is going on that the short gives us another surprise right at the end creating a short film filled with giggles at first, and then one good laugh at the end. The cast is excellent and the setting is quite disarming. A truly well thought out and produced film short.
We had the opportunity of interviewing the filmmaker, Pia Thrasher, after the screening to learn more about her inspiration for the film, the shooting location, and the actual shoot.
Interestingly enough, this is the first film for Pia and we think she did a fabulous job of creating an engaging dark comedy short.

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