TG Geeks Webcast email sig copy smallThis week the Two Gay Geeks interview Kevin McKeever VP of Marketing at for Harmony Gold, to talk with us and help us understand Robotech and their relationship with Sony. In the second half we talk more about Legends of Tomorrow, Agent Carter, and Disney’s plan for Marvel and Star Wars. We also have our Birthdays and Listener Feedback segments. Thank you to everyone who leaves us feedback. Check below in this article for important links to items mentioned in the show. As always we welcome your feedback, let us know what you think, good or bad we want to know.
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Robotech 30 anniversary

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****Editor Note******

We are closing comments on this thread due to the number of comments containing highly negative language and content (we have had to edit and even delete a few). We thank all who are passionate about Robotech and the future. But, we can no longer sit by as aspersions are cast.


3 thoughts on “TG Geeks Webcast Episode 58

  1. Thanks for the webcast on Robotech been a big fan of Robotech since the 80’s . I will be 52 next week so I am a older Robotech fan. Glad the story might be a mixture of all three Robotech anime’s.

    AKA ( Johnny )

    PS: will be visiting your site more often and you can you do a webcast on anime soundtracks .

  2. The whole point of saying that Harmony Gold can’t use the properties of Macross (Macross Zero, Plus, Seven, Frontier, or Delta) for the Robotech live action movie, is to ask the question: Why did Harmony Gold license an anime like Macross that they don’t support, sell by its name, or can do nothing with it other than keeping the series in licensing hell?

    In the end, they have to choose what is Robotech: Was it the only way for them to sell Macross, or does Robotech have nothing to do with Macross… But if that’s the case, then they should step aside and let some one else license and support the Macross series. You see, its an easy choice: either support Macross, or don’t… But it seems like their choice was “if we can’t have it, nobody will”. Yes, but no one is going to look back at what Harmony Gold is doing to Macross, and say it was a good thing!

    All hail lord Shoji Kawamori! Long live Macross! *******Edited*********
    **Editor Note:In the future, please play nice so we don’t have to edit your comment. And it is pretty lame to leave a comment with a bogus email address. Just saying’*****

  3. this right here will explain EVERYTHING as to why harmony gold is sadly very evil. harmony gold legally cannot touch the macross characters, that is why rick hunter (hikaru ichijo) had to be heavily edited for the Shadow Chronicles just to even use the chracters because they belong to studio nue and big west, who created macross and own the rights to the characters. the only thing harmony gold can use to make a live action movie is genesis climber mospeada footage. in retaliation of finding out they could not touch the characters harmony gold illegally put in a trademark for the name “macross” and now blocks all the new macross series in japan from coming to america. heck macross delta just started airing in japan and it cannot come over without getting harmony gold permission, when they have nothing to do with its creation. until harmony gold goes away sadly us macross fans must suffer

    **Editor Note** Sadly, we continue to receive comments in this vein. Yes, we have looked at the various websites and posts about this ongoing saga (read drama), we believe there is something more going on here besides the popular theory that “Harmony Gold is Evil Incarnate” and we believe there has been “less than honorable” behavior on all sides of this argument.
    Therefore, we are closing comments on this article. Thank you to all who are passionate about Robotech.

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