No more Noomi Rapace For “Alien: Covenant”


Noomi-Rapace-in-Prometheus2-700x300Just to set any confusion aside, the movie Alien: Covenant is indeed a sequel to the movie Prometheus, but it will not immediately pick up where the previous movie left off, as SlashFilm is reporting that a major character from Prometheus will not be returning the second time around.

Director Ridley Scott has confirmed that Noomi Rapace, who played the archaeologist Elizabeth Shaw, will not be returning to Alien: Covenant, which means the only returning character will be that of the android David (Michael Fassbender), and even then we may only see him as a talking head.

Scott, when asked about the cast and whether or not Rapace was to return for Covenant he merely said, “We’re still casting the main roles.” It has been announced so far that Katherine Waterston has also been locked in along with Fassbender at this present time.

When we last saw Shaw and David they were taking off in one of the remaining Engineer’s ships and headed for their homeworld in search of the answers that brought the crew of the Prometheus out there in the first place. As we previously reported, Alien: Covenant will pick up some 10 years later as the colony ship Covenant, ends up landing on a mysterious planet where the android David is the only inhabitant. What we have recently learned is that Fassbender will be playing dual roles. It is possible that one of the roles will be that of the head, but if this is the homeworld of the Engineers then perhaps anything is possible regarding his other role. We know nothing of Waterston’s character, but it’s easy to deduce that she’ll be on the Covenant, and since all of the Alien movies, as well as Prometheus, have relied on strong female characters, it’s most likely that Waterston will play someone tough to go up against any possible alien threat.

Ridley has bemoaned the fact that he didn’t deliver on Prometheus the way fans had hoped he would, and has promised that when Alien: Covenant comes out that it will be well deserving of the R rating it will be receiving, and that he is going to deliver something more shocking than the “chest bursting” scene we were all given in Alien.

Alien: Covenant is scheduled for release October 6, 2017.

So are you disappointed in the news that Rapace is not going to be in the film at all, or given how menacing David was portrayed in Prometheus, this might actually be considered as good news? Are you looking forward to Alien: Covenant, or do you feel Ridley Scott has lost that magic touch he had when he directed Alien?

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