“DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” To Meet A Special, Historical Hero

Mid-NiteRip Hunter and his band of time traveling warriors, known as the Legends of Tomorrow, have only begun to explore all that time has to offer, not to mention the wild assortment of heroes that the past, present, and future have to offer.

It has already been announced that Jonah Hex will be appearing in a trip to the old west, and we will soon meet an old Oliver Queen along with his son Connor in the future. Now CinemaBlend.com has announced that the travelers are soon to meet another legendary hero, a man whose genius at overcoming his disability allowed him to be the crime fighter he became famous for, and he is none other Doctor Mid-Nite.

Debuting in 1941 (long before Marvel’s Daredevil), he was known as the “original blind vigilante.” Doctor Mid-Nite is also the fourth of the Justice Society of America members who has been announced to be a part of Legends of Tomorrow, following the Ma Hunkel Red Tornado, Sandman, and Hourman.

While there have been three heroes to use the moniker of Doctor Mid-Nite, the first one (Charles McNider) is generally regarded as the most famous of them all, and while his appearance by itself is clearly going to excite many fans, some people have to be wondering if the JSA will make an appearance as a group in this DC TV Universe. For those extra sharp viewers the helmet of Sgt. Rock has been seen in Rip’s “office,” and since Rock is another WW II hero it is only reasonable to wonder if the JSA might show up as well since that was the era when they were most active.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow airs Thursday at 8:00 PM EST on the CW

Do you like the idea of Doctor Mid-Nite showing up on Legends? Would you like to see him be the solo “guest” in this series, or would you like to see him alongside his fellow Justice Society of America members?

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