“Ghostheads,” a documentary about the fans of “Ghostbusters.”

GhostheadsFandom in any one franchise is not a new thing. From Star Trek, to Star Wars, and even Doctor Who, the fans that make up the communities are driven, even passionate, and one such fan group is called “Ghostheads.” Who are they? Well if you don’t know then you’re in luck because there is a new documentary being made which should answer that question.

According to io9, the documentary is called Ghostheads, and it “explores the [serious] side of the Ghostbusters fandom” as well as “look back at the impact the franchise has had on the world over the past three decades.” Ghostheads is directed by Brendan Mertens, who himself is a part of the Ghostbusters fan community. He has teamed up with some of the people behind last year’s Back to the Future documentary, Back in Time, to once again explore a new aspect of a 1980s science fiction comedy classic.

And yes, you’ll realize after watching the Ghostheads trailer that it’s more than just a trailer. It’s a pitch for a Kickstarter that needs funds for post-production. But from the stars you can see have already been interviewed for the film, from Ghostbusters co-writer and director Ivan Reitman, to actors Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, William Atherton and more, it’s a cause worth getting behind.

Here is the trailer for Ghostheads.

For more information on the film, visit the link Ghostheads.

Are you a Ghostbusters fan, and do you consider yourself a Ghosthead? Are documentaries like Ghostheads a good thing in showing the true spirit of fandom?

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