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TG Squared Studios5 smThe Two Gay Geeks have learned of a program that let’s us put advertising on our site and in the articles we write.
We have slowly added some advertising in the widgets on the right side of the site to target specific items we want our readers to know about such as, Jonathan Latt’s book, “The Geek”, as well as the Alien Series from Gini Koch. We recently included a link to Anime on Amazon and a link to the Kindle Reading App service.

We are adding Amazon Search Ads to the bottom of our articles (see below), hopefully, they will not be too obtrusive. They are the standard Amazon ads but, you can search for anything. We have tried to tailor the ads to the tone of the article itself.
You may ask why we are doing this?? Well…. We have spent a fair amount of our own money on getting the site up and running and purchased equipment so we can produce a reasonable quality webcast and then we have the expenses if we travel for the site or webcast. So, we are just trying to recoup a little bit without asking you our loyal listeners and readers for any money.

If you click on one of the ads it takes you to Amazon and if you buy something, we get credit for it. Not much but, every little bit helps. Also, in the search ads, if you do go to Amazon and search for anything, we get credit as long as you follow one of our links.
We truly want to know what you think of the ads. Are they a distraction, are they tastefully placed, have you considered clicking on one of them?
Please let us know, you can use the comments section below, if you want the comment private, let us know. If you want to send us an email about the ads, use the “Contact Us” page.

Update by Editor: PS – If you even click on the links we get credit. We don’t get money, it just shows that we are driving traffic to Amazon. Thank you.

And if you use the comments section below and this is your first time visiting please be sure to read the Privacy / Terms and Conditions Of Use.







One response to “Amazon Ads on TGGeeks”

  1. Corey Nelson Avatar
    Corey Nelson

    Totally okay to have the ads and search. Thank you for being clear about your attempts to limit the impact but also enable you to provide more content with any financial help we can assist with.

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