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Phx Comicon 16 thumbThe Two Gay Geeks received another press release form Phoenix Comicon 16. There is some great information here.

It is less than three months form Con time.

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Phoenix Comicon

Puts the “Comic” in Comicon!


What do Superman, Batman, and the X-Men all have in common?

They all got their start in comic books!


Phoenix – Before superheroes became part the multi-billion dollar movie empire that they are today, they lived exclusively in the beautifully written and illustrated world of comic books. These same heroes and more can be found in the art and graphic novels of Phoenix Comicon’s illustrator, author, and artist guests!

Two shining examples in this “long box” of guests are Jason Meents and Shannon Denton. Jason Meents is the artist and illustrator of “Baron Von Saturday’s Tales From Beyond”! Shannon Eric Denton is a veteran comic artist and writer who has worked with such entertainment behemoths as Marvel, Cartoon Network, DC Comics, and Paramount!

There is a method to all of this fun madness. “The origin and heart of Phoenix Comicon is the world of comic books, so it is essential to invite the best guests from that world possible”, says Phoenix Comicon Guest Relations Director, Brandy Kuschel. They are doing that and much more.


Some examples of these guests include:

  • Award-winning horror illustrator, Basil Gogos
  • Comic book artist and “tyke” illustrator, Steven Pulawa
  • Author of “The Clockwork Crown” and “The Clockwork Dagger”, Beth Cato
  • Writer, editor, and comic book colorist, Renee Witterstaetter
  • Illustrator and artist for “Disney’s Wonderground Gallery”, Christopher Uminga


Starting on the afternoon of Thursday, June 2nd and lasting all weekend, this is an event that True Believers won’t want to miss!

Full event passes are on sale NOW for only $60, with Sidekick badges (kids 3-12 years of age)available for only $5!

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