Cars Land opens “Luigi’s Rollicking’ Roadsters”

LuigiIt’s no secret that the TG Geeks are HUGE Disney fans, especially when it comes to the theme parks. So it is with great excitement that we share with you the opening of the newest ride at Disney California Adventure Park, Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters, which is in Cars Land replacing Luigi’s Flying Tires.

Check out the video of the ride below!

In a press release from Disney, this is what was said about the ride:

In this all-new attraction, Luigi will turn the tire storage yard behind his Casa Della Tires into a dance floor! Cars Land guests will be able to ride along with Luigi’s cousins as they move and spin to upbeat Italian music, performing the traditional dances of their hometown village. Each dancing car will have its own high-spirited personality and signature dance moves – making every ride unpredictable, as you won’t know which way they will turn and spin next!

There will be five different songs, which of course means five different ride patterns. Each car will move uniquely, and no two-ride experiences will repeat themselves. This is the first trackless ride of this kind to appear at the Disneyland Resort (there is one in Tokyo Disney) so it is with great anticipation that more rides of this nature will soon see development in their theme parks.
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