Marvel Comics To Tackle The Issue Of Bullying

Ms. MarvelWhile Ms. Marvel has been around for some time, Kamala Khan has only been on the scene for a short time as the super hero. However, the powers that be at Marvel comics are going to use this character as a force for good, according to io9. She will be addressing the very problematic issue of bullying.

Having this Ms. Marvel address this social issue only makes perfect sense. Gender-based discrimination is still a problem in the world, and given that Kamala is a teenaged Muslim gives even more ammunition to this very ugly social issue.

The problem will be addressed in a series called Fists of Fury, which will be aimed at kids from the ages of 7 to 10. Unfortunately there isn’t much more to go on at the present time. All that is known is that Kamala, after having been exposed to Terrigen Mists, has become more than just an “inhuman” or “secret warrior.” She is now Ms. Marvel, and she uses those powers in her battle against crime. The series will address both race and gender based bullying.

Unfortunately it will take some time to get kids to read this series as the current release date Marvel has for Fists of Fury is October 3rd, 2017.
Were you ever on the receiving end of bullying because you were different? Do you wish that there had been a comic book that might help people to realize that bullying is wrong? What about the target audience for this series?

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