LEX OS could save the planet… according to Lex Luthor!

lexosheader3-173366Lex Luthor is a patriot. He’s a humanitarian. Some might even think of him as a saint, and that is because Lex Luthor has used his company, Lexcorp, to constantly develop products that can help build a better tomorrow for the people of the world.

So how’s that for a pitch line? In all seriousness, Warner Bros. has taken to multi-media marketing as the clock winds down to the release of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and much like how 20th Century Fox released an historical website chronicling Earth’s history since the first invasion in Independence Day, or Pixar with their numerous websites for Buy-n-Large (Wall-E), or recruitment for Monsters University (Monsters University), Warner is going all out with the marketing for their latest superhero film.

What the marketing team has come up with is a website from Lexcorp regarding an OS that they are developing called LEX OS, and the product is supposedly in beta testing. All a person needs to do is just go to their website and tackle some visual puzzles. According to ComicBook.com there are no hidden Easter Eggs at present, but it’s very possible that as we get closer to the film’s release that some surprises may be lurking there for those who can successfully solve the site’s puzzles. If you want to give it a try just surf over to Lex/OS and see for yourself what the excitement is all about.


I’m a huge fan of this level of marketing, and the fact that Warner Bros. has invested time and money into this, as well as their other teasers, trailers, and even fake commercial ads, would suggest to us here at TG2 Studios that the WB executives have a lot of faith in this film, and are hopeful for some big box office numbers. The site presently doesn’t really say anything about the movie, but that could change as we approach the release date.
Do you like this type of marketing? What about the website? Have you had a chance to explore it for yourself? How would you like to see Warner Bros. market Batman vs. Superman?

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