KFSTLBANNERKiller Friends, an independent short-film by Zach Noe Towers, has one simple message; what do you do with that one HORRIBLY annoying friend? The answer is simple. You murder him.

What starts off looking like what could be a horror film given the its opening dialogue quickly shifts pace with the entrance of that annoying friend. In just one minute’s time the movie seamlessly becomes a dark comedy.

The setting could be one of those cliché slasher films. They have all gone camping. This is where the deathly deed will be performed, but as with all the best-laid plans of mice and men, absolutely nothing can go right. From really bad bug spray, to being clubbed to death, there is nothing but comedic mishap.

While this type of story may sound a bit formulaic, it’s in the execution that this film succeeds. For starters, the cast is excellent. Dave Racki, Jenna-Lee Carreiro, and Peggy Sinnott comprise the trio who have decided it’s necessary to off their annoying friend, played both brilliantly, but not over the top, by Zach Noe Towers. Each of the cast have their awesome moment of physical comedy, and each one merely helps to raise the comedic level of the next botched murder attempt. There are also numerous sight gags throughout the film. Some of them appear very briefly, but they are nonetheless hilarious to see as all of them come together like some perfectly fitting jigsaw puzzle.

There are no weak elements to this film. The editing is extremely tight and well paced to help maintain this particular level of comedy, and even the outstanding score by Jasha Klebe helps to sell the overall tone of the film (very reminiscent of Murder By Death).

One element of any good film, especially a dark comedy such as this one, is its re-watchability. Can a film of this nature be seen again and still sell the laughs? Well in the case of Killer Friends the answer is a resounding YES! In fact, the movie might even be funnier with a second viewing as some more subtle gags suddenly come to the surface. That is what makes this short-film a winner. It treats the viewer respectfully throughout the entire viewing of the film, and correctly assumes that whoever is watching it is intelligent enough to not only look for the more visible gags, but to look for those “not so obvious” jokes as well.

The film is being represented by Patricia Chica from ChicArts, and is just now making the Independent Film Festival circuit, as well as having been accepted to show at Cannes.

You can also learn more about Zach Noe Towers by going to his website.
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