Doctor Who to Stream on Amazon

The Two Gay geeks have learned that in the wake of Doctor Who leaving Netflix, it appears Amazon is picking up the Doctor for streaming. And it is supposed to happen March 27th.

Of course, we are huge Doctor Who Fans (and Amazon Prime members) and believe this is great news for all fans of The Doctor.




According to

U.S. Prime members can enjoy season one through eight of BBC’s award-winning science-fiction television series, along with all holiday special episodes, starting Sunday, March 27 at no additional charge to their membership, with season nine as well as the Christmas Special and The Husbands of River Song available this fall.
Prime members can enjoy the series via the Amazon Video app for TVs, connected devices including Amazon Fire TV and mobile devices, or online. The series will also be available to download on Fire devices, iPads, iPhones and Android phones and tablets for offline viewing.


I know this will make our Nephew’s wife (niece-in-law? Or just niece) very happy, since she has been looking for a way to watch more Doctor Who.


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1 thought on “Doctor Who to Stream on Amazon

  1. I still wish they’d put some more classic Who into the streaming rotation. The handful of stories they streamed on Netflix and Amazon previously weren’t really a good taste of what made classic Who so great for many fans.

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