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TG Squared Studios5 smThe Two Gay Geeks are not just into science fiction but we love some good science as well. We have some interesting views on various Quantam Theories.

So, it is exciting that the “powers that be” 😉 at Phoenix Comicon have inserted some real science programming into the mix.


Below are a few of the panels that are currently being planned for Phoenix Comicon 16. Some of these panels are actual real science and some are the science behind popular fandoms. As well as a few just for fun things to do. All information below is form the Phoenix Comicon website under programming. Keep checking their website for additional programming and descriptions.


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Adventures and Disasters in Science

How does science get done anyway? Listen to tales of adventure and disaster from the field by scientists in the endless pursuit of knowledge!


Anime Science

SCIENCE! Join us as we talk about some of the amazing Physiological, Biological, and Psychological phenomena that occur in anime.


Art Rome – Crafts and Activities

Various arts and crafts: Origami, Circuit Boards, Games, Puppets, Coloring Pages, including a Toddler Table and a Texture Table. Featured craft – Crowns and Shields.


Astrobiology of the Star Wars Universe – Biomechanics, Ecology, and Evolution

The Star Wars Universe is vast and complex, but how much of it is science fact and not science fiction?


Cancer and Immortality: The Science of Captain Deadpool

Come see scientists discuss cancer, immortality, and limb regeneration! Chimichangas optional.


Death-Rays and Dynamos: Nikola Tesla and the Real Science of Steampunk

At the time of his death in 1943, visionary inventor Nikola Tesla was largely forgotten. But the past decade has brought his legacy to the forefront and he is now a champion of independent thought and action, the opposite of the now-villainous Thomas Edison. Most importantly in this rediscovery of a great scientist are the blueprints and ideas he left behind, some of which might have worked if Tesla’s funding hadn’t been cut off and some of which would work only in the Steampunk universe. Everything from the luminiferous aether to particle beams  that never have to be recharged will be discussed, and audience participation is encouraged!


Hard Science, Baby

No description available.


Heroes of Science

Scientists discuss who our heroes are and what inspired us to go into science.


Live for the Swarm

Colonies and hives, learn how bug life influences STEM fields.


My Favorite Panel on the Citadel: The Science of Mass Effect

BioWare created a vibrant universe in their Mass Effect series, teeming with unique planets and alien life. In this panel, experts in planetary geology and astrobiology will discuss what the games got right and where they missed the mark.


Out of the Vault: The Science of Fallout

Power armor, Deathclaws, and Ghouls! In this panel, scientists will discuss the accuracy of Fallout’s post-nuclear apocalypse!


Phoenix Lightsaber Academy for Kids

Have your younglings learn the first form of Lightsaber Combat, Shii-Cho, from the teachers at Phoenix Lightsaber Academy.

Initiates will be equipped with pool noodle lightsabers for their safety. Fundamentals of blocking, striking and stance work will be taught as well as emphasis on the Jedi Code. Minimum age is 5 years old.


Saving Matt Damon (Again): The Science of the Martian

How would the last human on Mars really survive, and how would the isolation affect him/her?


Shiny and Chrome: The Science of Mad Max

The Mad Max movies portray a world wracked by climate change and economic collapse, with water and oil the most important resources. Witness our panel of scientists discuss topics including fresh water availability, oil refining, and genetic mutation.


Strange Brewski: The Science of Homebrewing

That perfect Ale, IPA or a horrible mistake. Find out about the science behind homebrewing so you can be a homebrewing super hero!


The Real Tony Stark: The Science of Ironman

Tony Stark built the first Iron Man suit in a cave with a box of scraps. He’s also created new elements, coded sentient artificial intelligence, and mastered flight. In this panel, engineers will talk about their work and the feasibility of Iron Man’s achievements.


Ultron and Ava Plus BB8: The Science of Robots

Cute to super villian, the science behind Sci Fi’s robots.


Villains and Evil Masterminds Metup

Calling all evil doers! Come meetup with your fellows who long to be remembered for their evil deeds!


Why So Siri-Us: The Science of Artificial Intelligence

Computers have beaten humans in Chess, Jeopardy, and Go. How close are we to a true artificial intelligence and how much should we fear our future machine overlords?


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