Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest 16 to be October 22 and 23

FF16 left cropThe Two Gays Geeks have learned that Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest will return this year in October. Specifically, October 22nd and 23rd and will be in Downtown Phoenix at the Convention Center.

Phoenix Comicon has been very busy since they moved into their new offices and have accomplished some great things for Fan Fest last year and the upcoming Phoenix Comicon 16 in June and now for Fan Fest 16. It is truly amazing what can be done with full time staff. While at any of the cons, take a moment and thank the staff, they work hard year round to insure that there is something for everyone.

The announcement from Phoenix Comicon:

We are excited to share that Phoenix Comic Fan Fest will be returning for 2016!

The show will take place October 22 and 23rd at the Phoenix Convention Center.

The change to location and timing has come after feedback we received from our amazing participants that the location and timing made the show difficult to attend. We look forward to this new adventure for the 2016 Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest.

Memberships will go on sale in late June of 2016 so keep an eye on our website for more information.

While this may make some people very happy there are others that will not be pleased. But, as the saying goes, “you can’t please everybody all the time.” Unfortunately, the folks at Phoenix Comicon would love to please everyone, it just wasn’t possible due to many factors.
Jillian Squires, Director of Marketing for Phoenix Comicon, has indicated there were several concerns with the time and the venue, as quoted here:

We considered a lot of feedback from attendees, guests and vendors before we made the decision to change dates and we think overall it was the right thing to do for the show.

We did love working with the stadium, however it presented a lot of obstacles for our show. A great example is programming there was not enough space for the panels we wanted to do. This will allow us to offer a greater scale of programming.

And if and when it rained anything outside was impossible to do. Plus the roof leaked which wasn’t good for the vendors. So while we too loved the free parking and the uniqueness of the venue we think it is best to move to downtown for all our participants to enjoy the event.

The Two Gay Geeks are always excited about all things Phoenix Comicon because we get to expand our geekiness and increase our nerd knowledge so, we are very much looking forward to this years Fan Fest.

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