Bradley Cooper to star in sci-fi thriller “Deeper”

bradley-cooper-sensual-lookBradley Cooper hasn’t been a stranger when it comes to the sci-fi genre. Even with light genre work on the TV series Alias, he went on to star in the movie Limitless (which spun-off the TV series of the same name where he has cameo appearances, and is one of the executive producers), plus he had a little known voice acting role as a raccoon in a little Marvel film that came out two years ago. So it is no surprise that the four-time Academy Award nominee has signed on to headline in another sci-fi thriller titled Deeper and it is currently being written by Max Landis, who will also serve as producer. According to TheWrap, Cooper is locked in to the leading role, which will represent Hungarian director Kornel Mundruzco’s follow-up to his acclaimd 2014 horror drama White God.

Cooper will be playing Eddie Breen, a former astronaut who is on a deep sea mission to a new oceanic trench that might actually be deeper than the Pacific’s Mariana Trench. What follows are a series of events where Eddie faces what can only be described as physical and psychological forces of a mysterious nature.

Cooper has been very busy appearing on the big screen in Cameron Crowe’s Aloha, John Wells’ Burnt, as well David O. Russell’s Joy. However he has not limited himself to the big screen as he has made numerous TV appearances in addition to the above-mentioned Limitless on CBS, as he has also appeareared on Wet Hot American Summer: The First Day of Camp for Netflix. In addition to making a quick cameo in 10 Cloverfield Lane, he will also be starring in War Dogs along with Jonah Hill and Miles Teller.
So what do you think of the premise for Deep? Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water, are movie goers ready to revisit sci-fi thrillers that take place in the ocean? Does this sound like The Abyss revisited?
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