New Young-Adult Novels Starring DC Superheroes


wonder-woman-logo-4212cIn a move that makes us here at TG2 Studios quite happy, Random House has teamed up with DC and will be producing a series of novels aimed for young-adult readers, and the books will be featuring Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Catwoman.

In a story from, the series of books will start with Wonder Woman by author Leigh Bardugo and will be released in August 2017 shortly after the release of the movie being released by Warner Bros.

This will all be followed with Batman (Marie Lu), Superman (Matt de la Peña), and lastly Catwoman.

Random House has stated that these novels “will embrace themes of good vs. evil, coming-of-age romance, and superheroes from unexpected places who have the determination to achieve seemingly impossible dreams.”

This is not the first time DC has partnered with a book publisher before in this way. Last year they partnered with Capstone’s Switch Press for a young-adult book featuring Lois Lane titled Fallout by Gwenda Bond. This is also not the first time for Random House to play in the superhero sandbox. They launched a line of DC Super Hero Girls novels for middle-school readers, beginning with Wonder Woman at Super Hero High.

The Two Gay Geeks applaud DC and Random House for venturing out in this area. Reading is one of the greatest activities a person can enjoy. It will help develop language and communication skills, develop areas in comprehension, as well as the ability to write. Given the enormous popularity of superhero content on both the big and small screens, this is a brilliant move to reach out to the young-adult generation and help encourage them to pick up a book and read.
Is this a good move by DC and Random House? Is there a potential here for a bigger market than just a series of books for the above mentioned four characters? Should they explore in expanding? Is there a market for possibly even publishing superhero stories for adults?
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