Morning After Indiegogo Campaign Live

TG Squared Studios6The Two Gay Geeks are happy to report that the much anticipated Idiegogo Campaign for the Patricia Chica and Kristian Hodko film Morning After is now LIVE.

There are some really great perks for this film for as little as $5. We are very passionate about supporting Independent Filmmaking and wish to spread the word about the many wonderful films that are made outside of a studio environment. We made our pledge to this campaign and urge everyone to at least explore the campaign website.

We are especially excited about this film because of the individuals involved and the important message they are trying to convey.

From a press release about Morning After:

Morning After

Coming-of-age drama-comedy that deals with the “no label” sexual identity while making us laugh & think. (presently in pre-production)

MA Cast 2

The Story

In a hip downtown apartment, on a hot summer night, a group of friends gather around a table, and play a sensual game involving chocolate and French kissing. When it’s Michael’s turn, Teegan dares Edward (Michael’s childhood friend) to kiss him. Michael realizes that his sexual uncertainty may now be more than just a passing phase, and Michael experiences, for the first time in his life, sexual liberation from years of repressing his own sexuality.
What will the morning after hold for Michael?

MA Scene

Why this film is relevant and important.

This film is the prequel to a longer piece and the new project from award-winning filmmaking duo Patricia Chica (director-producer) and Kristin Hodko (writer-actor). It is for the people in our world that exist somewhere in-between the LGBTQ lines. Who live in the grey zone of sexuality.
Our hope for this film is to explore the “no-label” identity and translate the message that it’s okay to have impulses and to change your mind, and then to change it again. Morning After encourages us to stay open to new experiences and to let those experiences transform us. It’s a film that will open the dialogue.
Whatever your sexual orientation or identity is, we are grateful that you are joining us in this incredible opportunity to bring understanding and awareness around this very taboo subject. This is our chance to show to everyone that love and acceptance is what matters in life. We are standing in for something larger than ourselves.


Watch the Teaser Trailer here:


Here is a link to the interview The Two Gay Geeks did with Patricia and Kristian Link


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