WHIH News Returns for Viral News Videos about Avengers

everhartWhen Marvel Studios isn’t busy making some of the best comic book films in movie history, they also excel in the art of marketing. Because these movies are, as has been stated many times, all connected, this puts Marvel in an outstanding position to link them, not only by having characters jump from one movie to another, but also through little video features. We’re not talking just the Marvel One-Shots that used to come out on the home video releases, but little features that are being released online, the first of which did a bang up job with its universe building within the Ant-Man framework. Now, following suit as with those faux news featurettes, Marvel has brought back Leslie Bibb as news reporter Christine Everhart (first seen in Iron Man) as she covers a variety of stories revolving around the Avengers and the collateral damage they seem to be causing. On the other side of that argument is her co-host Will Adams (The Daily Show’s Al Madrigal) as he continually challenges her assertions by coming to the Avengers’ defense.

Over the past several weeks Marvel has been releasing one video at a time from WHIH News (the news network that Everhart works on) as they lead us to the opening night of Captain America: Civil War. The videos can all be seen below.

But not everything is all doom and gloom as the official Twitter account for WHIH tweeted out a special Earth Day message about some wonderful ecological breakthroughs being made by Stark Industries under the watchful eye of Pepper Pots.

Back at the news desk, Everhart did a follow-up news item on the cost from all of the damage brought upon innocent bystanders and citizens as a result of the actions by heroes like Captain America and Iron Man.

However it doesn’t stop there as WHIH news also featured an address by U.S. President Ellis (William Sadler) as he commemorated the massive cleanup in Washington DC brought upon by the collapse of S.H.I.E.L.D. by Captain America, Falcon, and Black Widow, as well as making a point of mentioning the heroic deeds performed by both Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson.

Lastly, President Ellis makes a speech, which is covered on WHIH, where he discusses the “Attack in Lagos” (which appears to feature prominently in Civil War), and what steps he feels need to be taken.

While these are very entertaining and are enough to make some seriously die-hard comic book movie geeks have a major nerdgasms, the fact that Marvel Studios takes the time to thread their Cinematic Universe together in this manner is a brilliant way of universe building without the enormous cost of having to rely solely on a feature film or TV series. The featurettes also ask questions that are unquestionably asked during the course of Civil War and can also serve as something of a primer for anyone who is not fully up to speed with the Marvel movies.

Captain America: Civil War has already opened up internationally, and will open in US theaters on Friday, May 6, 2016.
What do you think about these little featurettes? Would you like to see more of these? What about using these same news anchors, but have them cover some of the darker events in Hell’s Kitchen?
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