Ben Affleck made Executive Producer for DC’s “Justice League”


ben-affleck-batmanIn yet another possible sign of some unrest going on over at Warner Bros. and their DC movie universe, THR is reporting that Ben Affleck will be doing triple duty for the studio. Not only will he be starring and directing in his own solo Batman feature film, but he’ll be serving as Executive Producer for the upcoming Justice League films that are currently being directed by Zack Snyder.

This comes on the heels of continuous rumblings going on over at Warner Bros. following the less than stellar reception Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice received at the box office. Some news reports seem to indicate that this move by WB will legitimize Affleck as a creative voice in the moviemaking process, while possibly edging Zack Snyder out of any controlling position in the DC movie universe. Then there are the news items about how Snyder’s view on comic book heroes colored his approach towards both movies Man Of Steel and BvS. With that there are some reports that Affleck may be looking towards returning the characters of Batman and Superman back to their core philosophy as had been seen during the Silver Age of DC’s comic book stories.

With Affleck now as Executive Producer he will reportedly be working with screenwriter Chris Terrio (Argo, Batman v Superman) to help fine tune the script as well as work in other areas of the post-production process. All of this could be a sign that movie audiences want a change in the overall tonal quality of movies. Given that BvS has ended its box-office run grossing $864 million worldwide (while not a failure, definitely less than what the studio had hoped for), as well as critics and fan reaction generally seeming to reject the dark tone as set forth by Snyder and his filmmaking team, fans might be wanting to see movies more in line with what Marvel Studios have been producing (Captain America: Civil War received 91% Fresh Rating on Rotten Tomatoes), or possibly even more “irreverent” as 20th Century Fox’s Deadpool.

Apparently audiences seem to want more a more “fun” approach to the super hero movies they are seeing, and apparently Warner Bros. is listening.
How do you feel about Ben Affleck being elevated in the filmmaking ranks of the DC movie universe? Did you like what he brought to the role of Batman in BvS? Do you think that he can steer the creative direction of the DC films into an area that fans seem to want? Is this a fair move as far as Zack Snyder is concerned?
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