WB Producer Charles Roven moved in studio organization


batman-v-batman-dawn-of-batmanJust when you think there can’t be any more stories regarding Batman v Superman, another news time slips through the cracks, and this time it is about longtime producer Charles Roven whose work dates back to 2005’s Batman Begins.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, talks are reportedly under way to shift Roven, who was the producer for BvS:DoJ as well as Suicide Squad, next year’s Wonder Woman as well as Justice League, into a a different role over at Warner Bros. Studios, possibly even that of Executive Producer who isn’t “hands on” with the day to day production, as well as serve as Producer for the sequels to movies where he already serve, or will serve as Producer. It is also reported that he was listed to be the Producer for The Flash and Aquaman, but that he may not be working on those films in that capacity.

According to THR, this move comes as Warner Bros. continues to re-examine their DC movies following the lukewarm reception of BvS, as well as the enormously successful Captain America: Civil War that was recently released from Disney and Marvel Studios. While BvS did bring in $871 million worldwide (while Civil War has already crossed the $1 billion worldwide threshold), some industry insiders are saying that Warner Bros. was hoping that the movie would have been more profitable and serve as a kickoff for their DC Cinematic Universe.

Other sources are saying that another reason for the shift in Roven’s work is due to Warner Bros. wanting to ramp up the number of DC productions and that it would be impossible for Roven to handle all of that given the amount of pre-, post-, and production each of those films would require.

Roven remains on set for Justice League: Part 1, currently shooting in London, although Warners now has sent Berg to also oversee the day-to-day production of that movie.
So what do you think is the real reason Roven was moved? If it has nothing to do with BvS:DoJ, then does it have to do with the fact that Warner Bros. merely wants to spread out the production work due to the ramp up of DC movies to be filmed?
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