New Sci-fi Series from Rocket Jump (@rocketjumptweet) on Hulu

404The streaming service Hulu, along side other services such as Amazon Prime and Netflix, will be premiering a 6-part science fiction anthology series titled Dimension 404, taken from the 404 Not Found” error code that some unfortunate souls have encountered while on the Internet. And much like other anthology shows of the past (Twilight Zone, Outer Limits), this show will also have some strong casting as well.

According to Variety:

Dimension 404 aims to evoke that 3 a.m. feeling of wandering onto the weird side of the web, stumbling upon stories that cannot be explained in the world that we know. Each episode will explore a different bizarre mystery, including an obscure cartoon that may hold the secret to time travel or energy drinks perhaps causing a global apocalypse.

One episode will feature Lea Michele (Screen Queens, Glee) and Robert Buckley (iZombie) as a duo whose online meet-cute doesn’t last long in real life. Another, more intriguing episode will take place in 1982 and star Ryan Lee (Goosebumps) as a shy, closeted video gamer who discovers a mysterious arcade game with a “dark and bloody provenance.”

RocketJump is the production company behind Dimension 404, and they are also responsible for another series already on Hulu titled RocketJump: The Show. Other productions from them include Video Game High School, as well as behind-the scenes videos on their YouTube channel.
Have you seen any other productions from RocketJump, and if you have, how does that make you feel regarding Dimension 404? Do you have any thoughts about studios turning more towards streaming services to share their content?
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