TG Geeks Webcast Episode 81

TG Squared Studios6The Two Gay Geeks have a Special Episode where we cover the World Premiere of Lilith’s Awakening a film by Monica Demes. We were honored to be invited to a VIP reception held at Trastevere in the Hollywood and Highland complex prior to the premiere. At that reception we had the pleasure of interviewing several of the cast members and the Director of Photography. As always we welcome your feedback, let us know what you think, good or bad we want to know.
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Ben and Keith with Monica
Ben and Keith with Monica


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The Two Gay Geeks Interviewing Barbara Eugenia
The Two Gay Geeks Interviewing Barbara Eugenia
Lilith's Awakening Cast and Director
Lilith’s Awakening Cast and Director

DFW Image



Gregor Kresal, Eden West, Monica Demes,
Sophia Woodward, Barbara Eugenia




Eden West


Barbara Eugenia




Sophia Woodward


Monica Demes







Lilith's Awakening


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