Our Apologies for Website Slowness

TG Squared Studios6Well, it was time for my bi-annual call to our web hosting service…. about the slowness of our site.

We apologize profusely for any slowness you may have experienced in the last week or so. Our web hosting service is Aabaco Small Business formerly Yahoo Small Business. (It was better under Yahoo, barely) Originally, I was hesitant to call the customer support line since every time I do it becomes a potential stroke inducing event. I tried reaching out to the Twitter account and finally this morning they responded back with some useful information. They said, yes, it was slow  (Duh!) and that the GET was taking 2 – 5 seconds causing the whole site to be slow. They even offered what tools they used to assess this and asked that I contact the telephone support and give them this information.

OH BOY! Hooray for me!


I did call and waited on hold for 45 minutes before I got to a representative. Of course you have to go through the validation process and then they want to know the issue. I explained what had been sent to me and the rep got it all wrong…. I finally just said the site was slow. OK. So I was on hold for a few and the rep came back and said, “OK, I repaired the database.” Really. I have done that a dozen times in the last week. Of course, we have to do more validation so they can access my account…. So, I am placed on hold for another few (quite a few) minutes while some “troubleshooting” is done. I was asked to check the site, I did and it appears to be functioning properly. I was on the phone a total of 1 hour and 20 minutes.

So, I ask what specific steps were taken to identify and correct the issue. “I can’t reveal the tools we use” was the answer. Did I mention that these calls invariably lead to near stroke events? There was no budging on their part, not even a hint.

It would be nice if they had, at least, shared that they had run some script or re-indexed the file structure or anything that way maybe I could monitor this in the future and do my own troubleshooting or nip it in the bud with a phone call. But, Noooooo!

Oh well, so much for my rant. It may be time to investigate a new vendor. i don’t relish the idea of switching 6 domains and a gigantic website full of data to another place. It is almost enough to make me want to purchase a T-1 line and a server and run it out of the house, almost.

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