“Guardians of the Galaxy” coming to Disney California Adventure Park

GOTGExt1280Well the rumors have been going for several months now regarding a possible change to the popular “Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror” attraction at the Disney California Adventure theme park.

The attraction first opened in Orlando at the Walt Disney World theme park in what was then called “Disney-MGM Studios,” later rebranded as just “Disney Hollywood Studios” and was heralded as a showpiece for the park, as well as its brilliant theming and ride/show technology.

Years later, in an attempt to help the fledgling Disney California Adventure park (or DCA for short) since its underwhelming debut in 2001, built their own version of the ride in Anaheim, only with a few changes to set it apart from the original version. Still the same was the “storyline” told in the ride, set in the TV world of The Twilight Zone. Even the introduction made use of an old segment of the series with host Rod Serling, as well as an impersonator providing voice narration to set the stage for the ride. Since then the ride has enjoyed a great sense of popularity and seemed to be a great permanent fixture for that part of the DCA theme park.

Sadly the only constant is change and now, in what appears to be a move solely motivated by profit, the attraction is to be re-themed to “Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT!” and will open in 2017. The reported reasoning behind this is because the Disney Company has to pay licensing fees for the use of The Twilight Zone in their attraction, but given that Disney owns Marvel now they can change the ride to this new Guardians of the Galaxy theme and not owe any licensing fees to anyone.

On Saturday, July 23rd at San Diego Comic-con, Marvel Studios President, Kevin Feige, took to the stage to announce in Hall H that Guardians of the Galaxy was to be coming to Disney California Adventure, showed some conceptual artwork regarding how the show building will look both inside and out, and even gave the story narrative. However, instead of us here relaying to you all that Feige said, we have a 2-minute video from Joe Rohde, the Portfolio Creative Executive for Walt Disney Imagineering, and he can lay out the entire attraction for you.

What do you think of this change? Will this help boost attendance to an already crowded park? What about the general theming of the area? Will this open the door to Disney completely changing that area of the park to give it a more “Marvel-esque” feel? Is this a good idea to add such a radical change, or should Disney simply open up a new land, e.g. the new “Star Wars Land,” or possibly a completely brand new park?
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