Throwback slasher film “Lake Nowhere” is coming to Blu-Ray

lakeno6Some of you out there love horror. Some of you are crazy over the 1980’s cheap horror, and some of you indiscriminately rented every single horror movie you could get your mitts on in the 1980s warmly remember videotape’s cozy and totally dismal resolution. Fuzzy, soft, muffled. Crap. You didn’t care. You loved it. It was all you had and you welcomed every greasy VHS title you could get into your top-loaded VCRs. You know who you are… Don’t try denying it!!!

And while everyone seems to be trying to fetishize and duplicate that grotty VHS aesthetic, rarely do contemporary filmmakers get it right.

But directors Christopher Phelps and Maxim Van Scoy have gotten it right with their new retro-slasher Lake Nowhere.

The film is produced by R. S. Fitzgerald and Rose Sambrato in association with Ursidae Parade LLC. And Brooklyn based The Ravacon Collective. It stars Laura Hajek, Wray Villanova, Nathan Andrew Wright, Oscar Allen, Melody Kology, Paul Gagnon, Charles Gaskins, and Matthew Howk and the “Masked Maniac”.

Now, about that Masked Maniac, here’s Lake Nowhere‘s official synopsis:

When a group of friends arrive at a desolate lakeside cabin, they are stalked and murdered by a Masked Maniac, whose lust for blood transcends our world. This age-old tale of senseless slaughter quickly spirals into the realm of supernatural horror and classic monster movies, as we learn the true power that lies with Lake Nowhere.

BrinkVision will release Lake Nowhere on a special “Limited Edition” Blu-Ray/DVD combo the disc on August 16th (it will also release on VOD that day too).

The discs will be jam-packed with special features, including a half hour behind-the-scenes featurette documenting the skeleton crew’s six fateful days on location at a remote lakeside cabin.

This is a VHS throwback shocker with its severed head screwed on. Check out the trailer below.

Are you a fan of cheezy 80’s horror flicks? Does this movie seem to have captured that gawd-awful quality that made 80’s horror films the gems that they are? Should this film even be released on Blu-Ray? Will having it in high definition ruin the intended poor video quality needed for this movie to work?
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