Flashpoint will affect other DC shows, as confirmed by CW President Mark Pedowitz

flashpoint-1024-188709Last week the CW hosted its TCA 2016 presentation in Los Angeles, and network President Mark Pedowitz spoke at length about their flagship programs from DC Entertainment. With The Flash messing with the past by saving his mother’s life, a new alternate timeline has been established. With the tight-knit relationship between the shows, many fans have expected that “Flashpoint,” the new world and its story arc, would affect the other three programs, which was something Pedowitz did confirmed.

Pedowitz said that Flashpoint “bleeds over to every DC show,” but that he’s not concerned about it, and trusts his executive producers to keep control. The storyline is “only for a couple of episodes before it comes back in” to the regular universe. The exec did not say exactly how it would affect the other shows; with Legends of Tomorrow, they’re constantly messing with time, and Arrow is meant to be a more grounded universe, though the possibility of Barry Allen’s machinations bringing back one of the characters that have died on the latter show is intriguing. Supergirl, meanwhile, is on a different Earth altogether, though there has been a lot of speculation that it will be merged with the rest of the “Arrowverse” this season.

As far as keeping it organized, with time travel, alternate earths, and now multiple timelines, Pedowitz said with a laugh that he has it under control. “Of course I understand it! I run a network, I have to!” he said when asked.

The Flash and its three sister-shows all come back to The CW at 8pm each night Monday-Thursday the first week of October.

Are you looking forward to the CW’s answer to “Flashpoint?” Given that Flashpoint is what basically gave birth to DC’s “New 52,” how long would you like to see the Flashpoint timeline last in all of the CW/DC series? What about any permanent ramifications that might arise from Flashpoint?
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