Jerome got the last laugh in the season 2 finale of “Gotham”


gothamjoker-122844-640x320In the second season finale of Fox’s pre-Batman show, Gotham, it was revealed that Hugo Strange (B.D. Wong), the Chief of Psychiatry and director of Arkham Asylum was performing mad scientist experiments on humans at Indian Hill. Apparently Strange even created a bizarre clone of young Bruce Wayne.

As the “experiments” finally escaped from Indian Hill and into the darkness, some thought they may have heard fan-favorite Jerome’s maniacal laugh. Executive producer Ken Woodruff confirmed to that it was definitely Jerome’s laugh, but that he isn’t making a return, just yet. Woodruff explained it this way:

“[The laugh] was really to keep [the Joker] alive, to keep Jerome and that threat of the Joker alive. We wanted to make sure fans don’t feel that we’re completely done with [the mythology of the Joker] because we are 100 percent, absolutely not. [But,] it’s not going to be something we delve into right way at the top of the season.”

While season 3 will delve into more of the Joker’s mythology, it sadly won’t be happening until the end of the season. Gotham is opening its storyline with the Mad Hatter as the main big bad. But don’t worry guys; on a show that is already characterized as “villain-centric” you will still be seeing the rise of The Joker (before he knew he was The Joker) this season.

I mean, let’s be real…you can’t possible have a Batman villain show without some prototype version the Clown Prince of Crime, right?

Gotham season three premieres September 19, 2016 on FOX.

What were your initial thoughts when it appeared that Jerome was killed during the 2nd season? What are your thoughts about Cameron Monaghan as Jerome/Joker?
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