“Conversations” with the cast of “Origin: Beyond The Impact”

origin BTi websiteOver the past year you have heard us discuss the importance of Origin: Beyond The Impact, or BTi for short, by Jeff Patton. You have heard in past episodes numerous interviews with Jeff, as well as many in the cast. Keith Lane wrote a brilliant review of the series. Even last year, in TG Geeks Episode 33 and 34 of our webcast we interviewed the cast of this epic webseries.

Now, as production has ramped up to give more of this science fiction story, several short videos, or “Conversations” as they are labeled, have been released that highlight brief interviews with various people attached to the BTi, and we have those here.

First up is creator, writer, director, producer, et al of BTi, Jeff Patton discussing why he chose to become a filmmaker, and the journey he has taken in having BTi brought to the screen.

Conversations – Jeff Patton from ETCHED MOTION PRO on Vimeo.

Next is Travis Osland (we interviewed both Travis and David Wagner in TG Geeks Episode 44) who talks about his character Will Shepard in BTi, how he relates to the character, and why he became an actor.

Conversations – Travis Osland from ETCHED MOTION PRO on Vimeo.

Finally, for now, we have an interview with David Wagner (who also wrote a review of Hateful Eight for us) who talks about his role as Aleksey Popov, his explorations into his character, and even character combat training.

Conversations – David Wagner from ETCHED MOTION PRO on Vimeo.

To learn more about BTi just visit Origin: Beyond The Impact.
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